KMPlayer APP

KMPlayer APP

Perfect HD Video Player APP
KMPlayer APP became completely new.
  • ㆍ MyList: Create and play your own playlist.
  • ㆍ Quick Button: Using Quick Button, you can use various functions easily.
  • ㆍ Subtitle Setting: Set the subtitle size, color and position.
  • ㆍ Timer: Use the timer to end the video when you want.
  • ㆍ Equalizer: Enjoy rich audio with equalizer.
  • ㆍ Search: Search videos and music what you want.
  • ㆍ New Network Play : Network functions such as SMB, FTP, and UPNP have been enhanced.
  • ㆍ New Cloud Play: Cloud function has been enhanced.
  • ㆍ Zoom & Move: Enjoy the video zoom and pan function.
KMPlayer 64X

KMPlayer 64X

Windows 64bit
Ultra-high quality playback is the most complete.
You can enjoy high quality video such as 4K, 8K, UHD, 60FPS.
  • ㆍ It can play all high quality video including 4K, 8K, UHD, 60FPS
  • ㆍ Various media file format support
    • - AVI, MPEG, TS, MKV, MP4, WEBM, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, OGM, RM, WMV, MP3 etc.
  • ㆍ Equipped with high quality Video Renderer
  • ㆍ Downloading videos such as YouTube, Instagram, Daily Motion
  • ㆍ Upgraded music player
  • ㆍ Optimized for low-end PC through hardware acceleration function
  • ㆍ Capture video in desired format and desired format (including GIF)
KMPlayer 32

KMPlayer 32

Windows 32bit
All features included.
You can use all necessary functions such as video playback, subtitles, screen, and 3D playback.
  • ㆍ Equipped with video and audio quality function
    • - video ; Hardware acceleration settings, additional external codecs, etc.
    • - Audio: EQ, Preset, Normalize, etc.
  • ㆍ Supports all video, audio and subtitle files
    • - RTS, MPEG1, MPEG2, AAC, WMA7, WMA8, OGG, etc.
  • ㆍ Support 3D video playback function
    • - RTS, MPEG1, MPEG2, AAC, WMA7, WMA8, OGG, etc.
  • ㆍ URL streaming function such as radio, YouTube
  • ㆍ Capable of capturing in desired format, in desired format (including GIF)
  • ㆍ Content & Advertisement


Simple and simple free player for Mac
You can play video on your Mac without difficulty.
  • ㆍ Video playback using built-in codec without any setting
  • ㆍ Various format file support
    • - AVI, MPEG, TS, MKV, MP4, WEBM, MOV, 3GP, 3G2, FLV, OGM, RM, WMV, MP3 etc.
  • ㆍ External subtitle file support
  • ㆍ Image processing (image rotation, inversion, etc.)
  • ㆍ Sound quality correction support using normalize function
  • ㆍ Install and run on the latest OS
  • ㆍ Multilingual support
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